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Welcome to Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Nakamura Mitsuo Office Web Page

Welcome to Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Nakamura Mistuo Office Website


About Nakamura Mitsuo

I worked for an insurance company for 32 years and a mortgage guarantee company for 8 years.
During that time, I had mainly specialized in asset management, business development, risk management, and financial guarantees. In addition, living in London I worked for three years as a director as well at the head office (London) of a European insurance company with territories in Europe and Africa.
Passed the administrative scrivener exam in 2020. My other qualifications are financial planner and disaster prevention specialist.


Having been involved in overseas business for a total of 15 years, my TOEIC score is 925(@2011). If you would like to consult with me, please feel free to call 03-6356-3571 or email me in English or Japansese.

What is Gyoseishoshi Lawyers

We, Gyoseishoshi Lawyers (Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists, Administrative Documentation Lawyers), are certified experts authorized* to prepare documents to be submitted to a public agency in order to gain license or approval through our extensive expertise backed by our experience. In addition, other types of documents relating to rights, duties or representation (e.g. Contract document, Agreement on Division of Inheritance and so forth) can also be prepared and dealt with by Gyoseishoshi Lawyer through its proven proficiency in such document preparation.


* By “Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Act”


You can rely on us in various scenes of your daily life, not just for your business needs. In the administrative procedures to the authorities concerned, we are legitimately certified to act as your representative and also to act as an adviser in order for you to manage, proceed with and complete such administrative procedures. Of course, we are able to prepare not only your documents in a wide range of fields, but also the appropriate follow-up too!


1. Services of Gyoseishoshi Lawyer

Gyoseishoshi Lawyer is a person, at the request of other persons and obtaining remuneration from them, who is engaged in the following businesses; provided, however, that this shall not apply to matters that are restricted by any other Act:


To prepare documents to be submitted to a public agency (including an electromagnetic record; the same shall apply hereinafter) and other documents relating to rights, duties or representation;
To represent acts to be conducted (excluding however, what falls under the legal services concerning legal cases provided for in Article 72 of the Attorney Act) against the relevant public agency as to the submission procedures of documents, application procedures for granting an opportunity for hearing or explanation in relation to permissions, etc. about the document submitted to the relevant public agency, and other application procedures for statements of opinions;
To prepare, as a representative, documents involved in contracts and others; and,
To provide consultations for the preparation of documents that Gyoseishoshi Lawyer is permitted to prepare.


2. Registration

To become a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer, it is necessary for a person to meet one of the requirements including passing the Gyoseishoshi Lawyer examination and to obtain registration, through the Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Association in each prefecture, of the Japan Federation of Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Associations. As for Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Nakamura Mistuo office, registration number is 22082218.


3. National Licensing Examination

The National Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Licensing Examination shall be held by a Prefectural Governor as designated by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications. The Prefectural Governor may entrust it to a person designated by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications and now it is held once a year by the General Incorporated Foundation Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Examination Research Center as a designated examining body.


4. Supervision of Gyoseishoshi Lawyer etc.

Disciplinary action against both Gyoseishoshi Lawyer and Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Corporation, and Supervision of Gyoseishoshi Lawyer are to be conducted by Prefectural Governors. The Japan Federation of Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Associations is subject to supervision by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.


List of a Gyoseishoshi Lawyer's Services


Please feel free to contact my office!
I would be happy to support you in various cases immediately!


For Business Cases

Check and Preparation of Agreement / Notarization

Sales Contract, Real estate lease contract and Contract for Monetary Loans
Notarizing documents written in Japanese / foreign languages

Support for setting up your business in Japan

Procedures of establishment of Stock Corporation (Kabushiki-Kaisha), LLC (Limited Liability Company), and etc.
Procedures of establishment of Social Welfare Corporation and Medical Corporation

Support for SME (Small & Medium-Sized Enterprise)

Bookkeeping and Preparation of Financial Statement
Application for Subsidy and Subvention

Concerning Intellectual Property Right

Application for Registration of Copyright
Preparation of License Agreement on Intellectual Property
Application for Registration of Copyright for Computer Program
Integrated Consulting Service related to Copyright

Examples of Business Licenses in myriad categories

Application for Construction business License
Application for Real Estate business License
Application for Travel business License
Application for Restaurant business License
Application for Entertainment & Amusement Trades business License
Application for Money Lending business License
Application for Industrial Waste Disposal business License
Application for Sale of Alcoholic Liquor License
Application for Motor Truck Transportation business License
Application for Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business License
Application for Registration of Financial Instruments business
Application for Antique Dealings License
Application for Cosmetic Manufacturing & Sale License


For your daily life

For Foreigners

Marriage, Divorce, Child acknowledgement or Adoption registration
Acquisition, Alteration and Renewal of Eligibility
Application for Naturalization and Acquisition or Renunciation of nationality at Legal Affairs Bureau
Application for Permanent residency
Alien Registration

Concerning Car accidents

Preparation of Investigation Report
Preparation of Out-Of-Court Settlement Document
Insurance Claim
Claim for Damages

Concerning matters related to Vehicles

Vehicle Registration
Certification of Parking space
Sealing of Car Number Plate without taking your car to Land Transport Bureau

Use of Adult Guardianship System

Consultation on Guardianship
Assumption of Office of Statutory Guardian
Making and Acceptance of Voluntary Guardianship Contract
Utilizing of Land
Change of Agricultural Land into Parking lot
Sale of Agricultural Land
Application Procedures related to Land

Problems in Daily Life

Cooling off of door-to-door sales
Preparation of Contents-certified mail
Prevention of undue billing
Petition to Government office


Note The legal explanations on this page are based on the description of Gyoseishoshi Lawyers of Tokyo Website (https://www.tokyo-gyosei.or.jp/en/).


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